Graduation and Copenh(again)!!

In which I graduate, play in NYC, and then fly across the globe for my first real job


Spring Break, and the final 21 days of school

THE C O U N T D O W N: 21 days until the last day of classes! 29 days until I come back to Lawrence!! 39 days until I graduate from Skidmore College!!! 43 days until I leave for Copenhagen, Denmark!!!! The last 21 days are so hectic and crazy, but I can’t wait…

Back to Copenhagen!!

I am very pleased to announce that I’ve been accepted as the DIS Housing and Student Affairs intern next year!!!! I’d like to continue writing this blog while I’m in Copenhagen again (SST in CPH, of course) Here’s an update on my senior year, followed by a brief presentation on the DIS internship. Senior year: I’m taking:…