3x tours!

DIScussion (haha) of study tours, plus update from the week

Arrival logistics

Yay! You made it! Velkommen til Danmark 🙂 In this post, I’ll discuss: converting currency and credit cards in Copenhagen transportation from the airport to your hotel public transportation and bike lanes Arriving in Copenhagen: Cash or Card? Are you hungry or thirsty from your long flight? Do you have a bankcard with an electronic…

Apartment, new friends, and a road trip

Hej friends! I’ve finally moved into my own place! It’s a one bedroom apartment, full of natural light, close to DIS in the center of the city. It’s in a historically protected building, and the ceilings are so low that my friend who is 6’4″ it too tall for the place–he had to sit down…


What an amazing semester–I’m sad to be leaving the city, but I’m happy to be coming back to the Midwest too. The last days I was in Copenhagen, Anton and I went around with my camera (yes so glad about camera so so glad) and took photos and had a fun silly time, as usual…

Europe’s refugee crisis

When I was at Skidmore last fall applying to study abroad, I was a little nervous about coming to Denmark to study. A couple of friends were in Paris during the November 13th attack, and they returned to school quite shaken. One girl even declined going on our annual NYC Honors Forum trip–she was anxious about…

M&D come to CPH! (+ finishing the semester)

Man oh man, what a crazy semester! The last two weeks of classes I had at least an exam, quiz, paper, or final presentation due every day. It was totes bonkers! But now the semester is finally over, and I’m enjoying the beginning of my summer 🙂 I have a lot of stuff I want to…

My birthday in Denmark!

I turned 21 on Tuesday!!! Because I’m the only American on my floor to have a birthday while we’re studying abroad, my friends went all out to celebrate! Also, here are some cool Danish birthday traditions: Midnight & drinking: On the first birthday that you can legally drink at clubs (which is 18 in Denmark), you’re supposed…


Hey fam! Lots to catch up on–


SSTinCPH Award: Most likely to inspire possible career paths!

Our teacher is originally Canadian; he studied Humanities (and maybe English?) at Yale, and then he got into sustainable farming and teaching. And now he’s lived in Denmark for three years, and he works at the Nordic Food Lab (which is a non-profit started by the founder/chef of Noma!)

First day of school!!

First, let me just say:

I love Copenhagen so much! I’ve been walking around my neighborhood and exploring so much this week, and I am so excited to live here for the next four months. I live in possibly the best location–I live in the city’s center (zone 1, København K) and I walk up the pedestrian walking street (Strøget) fifteen minutes to class. On THE ACTUAL WAY TO SCHOOL I walk amidst the Danes, passing tiny cafes, high-end stores like LouisV and Hermes, and huge doors that hide narrow passageways.


I can’t believe I started this day in Lawrence, Kansas, and now I’m sitting at my desk on 23 Peder Skrams Gade in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Let’s break it down though. We’ll start with this morning (yesterday morning, actually, but yesterday’s morning of travel), and lay it out like an itinerary.