3x tours!

I got my assignments for the fall study tours I’ll be going on!! First, let me explain.

DIS is an amazing study abroad provider. 1,200 students from American universities come to Copenhagen to study for a semester. Shortly after they arrive, they apply for visas and register to get social security and healthcare benefits. While they’re at DIS, they take classes from professionals in the field–my behavioral economics teachers were both also working at the University of Copenhagen and had part-time consulting work too. The students also go on two travel breaks organized by DIS–the short break is usually to tour some places in Western Denmark (you’ll recall that I went to Århus to visit several companies relevant to global economics courses), and the long break is to somewhere outside of Denmark, to put what the students learn in Copenhagen in a global European context (that’s when I went to Moscow!). There are also optional study tours that take place over the weekend or over another week-long break during the semester. DIS takes academics very seriously, but I’m so glad they (we!) also integrate travel into the curriculum.

As an employee now at DIS, I have the opportunity to be a study tour leader, aka go on all these trips and visit companies and attend presentations with the students! This fall, I will be going to:

Aalborg, Denmark with the positive psychology program. It’s just for the weekend, but I’ve never been to Aalborg, and I’m so excited to be going with the psychology program!

Prague with the positive psychology program. I’ve also never been to Prague, and it’ll be so great to go with DIS. The tours are planned so well (by our study tours department), and activities range from visiting the Kremlin (when I went to Moscow), to high tea at Fortnum and Mason (my friend went on her tour in London), to having a dip at the Szechenyi baths in Budapest (when my friend went with his tour group to Budapest). I’m so excited to see what the positive psychology program will do in Prague!

I’m also going tall ship sailing (!!!) for the weekend with a tour group. I LOVE THE WATER and I’ve heard it’s basically a calm cruise through a beautiful fjord. How Danish! 🙂

Other news:

Østergro–two Wednesdays ago, I met Anton’s mom (Marianne) in Østerbro to pick up her colleague’s veggie share while the colleague is away on vacation. We climbed a metal spiral staircase that wound around the corner of a gym and car park, up to the roof……where we were met with a beautiful urban garden! There’s a greenhouse, flats of kale (grønkål), lettuce (salad), and flowers (blomster). It was so magical to be among the greenery looking down at the neighborhood. There were also beehives set up by a company called ‘the city bee’ (bybi) 🙂


Anton’s dad is a diplomat, and he recently came home from a one year post in Afghanistan. Anton and I picked up his dad (Jannich) at the airport, and then we all took the bus to Anton’s parents house. We spent the night there and woke up early on Saturday to help get ready for Anton’s brother (Georg)’s birthday party!

The Danes have a strong culture of holiday celebrations, and getting to do the fødselsdag traditions with Anton’s family was so fun! First, we woke up early and decorated the house with Danish flags and balloons. Then, we went to wake up Georg, again waiving Danish flags, and singing one of the four birthday songs in Danish. The other three would be sung at intervals throughout the day 🙂 It’s an interesting double standard Anton and I have talked about–the Danes use the Dannebrog so often, but some Danes think it’s tacky for Americans to wear American flag images on our clothes and adorn our big trucks with American flag stickers, etc..

Next, we had Georg’s birthday breakfast and he opened his presents, then we went to work on getting ready for the birthday lunch (fødselsdag frokost). Earlier that week, Marianne had homemade about a zillion chicken and beef empanadas–they were so delicious!! I brought some back to Copenhagen and Anton and I had them for lunch the next day 🙂 IMG_2144.JPG.JPG


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  1. Martha says:

    Hi Sophie! Hope Copenhagen is going well. I’m sure you’re making new friends and having fun adventures. Just wanted to let you know, Elinor is having an 18th birthday party, Nov 18th and you are most welcome. If it’s not a convenient time, she’d like all of her God family ❤️ to come sometime during this big birthday year.
    Lots of love,


  2. sounds perfectly lovely and just. so. you . xo


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