Apartment, new friends, and a road trip

Hej friends!

I’ve finally moved into my own place! It’s a one bedroom apartment, full of natural light, close to DIS in the center of the city. It’s in a historically protected building, and the ceilings are so low that my friend who is 6’4″ it too tall for the place–he had to sit down when he came over! However, at 5’3″, I feel so cozy and at home in the place 🙂 The whole apartment is 50 sq. meters, so even just a few candles can light up a room. Anton has really furnished the place; we gotten a lot of furniture from his family, and he finally had an excuse to buy a big TV (haha, boys). He’s also bought a Venus fly trap for the place. It’s pretty cool! We call it Geff, and he caught a fly while I was watching!! Amazing how a plant evolved to be a meat eater, my friend Adeline remarked, when plants don’t even have brains!

I’ve been out with the interns several times now, and I really like all of them. I’m sad to see the ones who leave in July go! It’ll be exciting to meet the August interns when they arrive, but sad to leave our new friends. I’m glad my apartment is close to DIS because I can host friends after work, and Adeline is already planning on crashing on the couch when we’re out late, since she lives about 45 minutes outside of Copenhagen by train.

The Fourth of July was last week–I could have missed it, if not for the cute lemon squares decorated with American flag toothpicks that someone left in the kitchen. After work we all went out to this place in the meatpacking district called War Pigs–they gave a free beer to anyone with a US passport!

Work is going really well–it’s my second full week on my own, without my predecessor, Emma. I’m busy all day, emailing and working on student handbooks, arrival documents, planning visa logistics, and other various things. I like the non-interns I work with too. Pia, my supervisor, just took vacation for a few days last week to compete in the European obstacle race championships! She placed sixth overall! She’s so cool and strong and nice. We’ve been talking about doing an obstacle course race next year together, just for fun. I would love to!

This last Saturday, I Skyped some college friends from the States. It was so great to catch up with them after we’ve all been scattered our separate ways, and since we’ve all had a lot going on since graduating. Though I had to get up super early to talk to them (5am my time, and they had to stay up until 2am their time) it was so worth it ❤

Later that day, I went to Møns Klint with some friends. Anton’s friend Mitch and his girlfriend Amanda are visiting for three months, and we’ve hung out with them a couple of times. Møn is a tiny island south of Copenhagen (also on an island), and ‘klint’ means cliff, so Møns klint are the cliffs of Møn! Anton drove us (we’d borrowed his parents’ car) the whole way. I’ve gone on several road trips with Anton, and I’ve really come to enjoy car time. We made some detours throughout the day to check out a medieval castle and some ancient burial mounds!

Check out this slideshow of movies and photos! (I’m trying this out because I don’t have very much more space in the WordPress cloud to save my media!)


Hej hej, (pron. hi hi, means bye!)

Sophie 🙂

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