Spring Break, and the final 21 days of school


21 days until the last day of classes!

29 days until I come back to Lawrence!!

39 days until I graduate from Skidmore College!!!

43 days until I leave for Copenhagen, Denmark!!!!

The last 21 days are so hectic and crazy, but I can’t wait for the huge payoff in the end. “Senioritis” is definitely getting to me–it’s hard to stay focused now that the days are becoming more springlike and warm.

On Friday I handed in the first draft of my thesis. All 10,232 words. It feels really great to be finished with the first draft. Now I just have to run a few more regressions in Stata and work in those results, then I’ll be finished!! (Due May 2nd). Other than that, school is busy but good. I’m really glad I’m taking 19th Century European Art–I think it’s my favorite class!

In other news, here are some photos from Spring Break!



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  1. Rachelle Pulkkila says:

    so fun ! love the update. in other news. xoxo


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