Back to Copenhagen!!


I am very pleased to announce that I’ve been accepted as the DIS Housing and Student Affairs intern next year!!!!

I’d like to continue writing this blog while I’m in Copenhagen again (SST in CPH, of course)

Here’s an update on my senior year, followed by a brief presentation on the DIS internship.

Senior year:

  • I’m taking:
    • My Economics senior seminar, where I’m writing my undergraduate thesis. I’m conducting a study on how consumers engage in moral licensing and balancing when making health choices. Specifically, I want to find out if the presence of a “healthy” label on a package is enough to license an unhealthy choice. “Because I chose a cereal labeled ‘healthy’, I can have fast food for lunch”
    • Economics of Health and Healthcare – with my favorite professor! Interesting class, especially given the current political climate
    • Honors problem solving — the last course in my honors forum minor. I’m also the Vice President of the forum this year.
    • Intro to Public Health — a 100-level class as a break from all the rest of the things
    • 19th Century European Art — finally an art history course! I’m really enjoying it. We just had our first exam (on French Baroque through Early Romanticism) and I think I crushed it. I’m excited to start actually learning about 19th century art next.
  • I’m working:
    • at the Study Abroad office! I work in the office, and recently I’ve been in charge of marketing and outreach specifically. I also hold my own office hours to advise students on studying abroad.

But now the DIS info!




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  1. sophie says:

    Thank you, everyone!! Xoxo


  2. Brad Tate says:

    Nice job Toast!

    Sent from my iPhone


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  3. Martha says:

    We are so delighted for you! Well done and excellent, creative initiative.

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