What an amazing semester–I’m sad to be leaving the city, but I’m happy to be coming back to the Midwest too.

The last days I was in Copenhagen, Anton and I went around with my camera (yes so glad about camera so so glad) and took photos and had a fun silly time, as usual 🙂

Here are the top five things I’ll miss about Copenhagen:

  • the bikes
  • the canal
  • the city life
  • the food
  • the boy


Things I’m excited to come home to:

  • the town
  • the friends and fam
  • the dog
  • the gym


I’m sitting in the Detroit airport writing this now, and let me tell ya, it’s strange to be back. Everyone is speaking English, the flight attendants say the announcements once, in English only, the people are more diverse (I know it’s an airport, but still), there was a PF Chang’s next to a McDonalds next to a generic airport bar –it feels very clearly American.

I got a banana and some beef jerky to snack on, and using USD was so strange as well! The bills are so much longer than DKK. And more worn out, maybe. They definitely feel different.

Other differences: so many colors of clothes! Not just black! And the people are all shapes and sizes (not just tall and slender). The clerk at the lil’ snack shop engaged me in conversation (unheard of in DK).

Okay and now I’m finally back back in Lawrence!

Happy Memorial Day!





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bunny Day says:

    Give yourself time to adjust. I’ll stay tuned for what unfolds in your exciting like next. Lawrence is happy to have you back.


  2. Bunny Day says:

    Welcome home, Sophie. What’s next?


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