M&D come to CPH! (+ finishing the semester)

Man oh man, what a crazy semester!

The last two weeks of classes I had at least an exam, quiz, paper, or final presentation due every day. It was totes bonkers! But now the semester is finally over, and I’m enjoying the beginning of my summer 🙂

I have a lot of stuff I want to share with you guys, so let’s start it off with food, of course. Here are some photos of the delicious things I’ve been making and eating lately:


You guys, I’m so so so excited about the homemade naan. The recipe I used makes eight individual naan breads, and so I made four pizzas and then bathed the other four in garlic butter. I shared with my housemates, and there were no leftovers (: The recipe was so easy too–I can’t wait to make these for you this summer and next year and always. I think it’ll be one of those back-pocket-impressive-but-actually-easy recipes I’ll have in my repertoire. You can find the recipe I used here.

Okay and the best bit, my parents came to visit right as the semester ended! Yayayaay!! Haha so we took a selfie 🙂


The first night, I picked M&D up from the airport and we went to their hotel. They stayed at a hotel on the canal, just around the corner (literally 100m, probably) from my dorm. From there, we went straight to dinner! They wanted to have the New Nordic experience, so I recommended we go to Höst.

We didn’t really know much about it before we went: a girl in my New Nordic Culinary Culture class had told me that it was famous for its Danish interior design (which I thought would be very minimalist and modern). When we got there, we found it was very Danish, but it wasn’t “Danish design-y” like that, it was classical Danish. The mismatched chairs around wooden, unpolished tables. There were candles lit everywhere, giving the whole place a farmhouse feel. Hyggeligt (coziness) was certainly the feeling.


And as for the food: W O W.

  • amuse bouche: creme fraiche and ham salad on a cracker plus radishes with a sort of salmon puree
  • appetizer: scallops served in a seashell with watercress foam and raw apple
  • first course: Norwegian lobster and veal terrine with white asparagus, cep mushrooms, and dill
  • surprise course!: poached octopus and poached egg (final poaching done table side) with chicken broth based soup and lettuce greens
  • second course: beef tenderloin from Grambogård with salted black currant compote, pickled beetroot, and watercress, in a sauce with marrow and tarragon
  • pre-dessert: vanilla foamy/creamy/yummy something with a dollop of Danish beer somehow made into a foamy ice cream-like thing
  • dessert: blueberry sorbet under ribbons of thick liquorice-y cream made of brown cheese and cicely, plus dehydrated raspberry juice on top (function: like pop rocks!)
  • post-dessert: petite flødeboller (those Danish marshmallow-like things)

MAN oh MAN it was so good. We closed down the restaurant 🙂 I love doing that–staying until so so so late. We did that quite a lot while M&D were here. Here are a couple of pictures of the things we ate. I didn’t want to take pictures of the whole meal, and the photos are pretty dark because the restaurant was primarily candle-lit. But still, you can see how fun/funky/yummy the dinner was.

The next day we went to brunch (chicken and waffles in DK! haha!) and then on a canal tour of the city. I knew most of the stuff already (Anton has told me a lot about the history and buildings around the neighborhood) so I could supplement the info we learned on the trip. It was still a super cool way to see the city though–totally different than on land.

Following the canal tour, we went to my visiting host family’s house for drinks, and then out to dinner with Anton, at a place his dad recommended. (We went to Brdr. Price–which stands for brødre Price which means Brothers Price in Danish. The brothers have a cooking show on a free Danish TV network. They’re into butter, not health. In the episode I watched, they made chocolate Easter candies. They were more focused on the methods and taste than the physical appearance of the chocolate: one of their chocolate eggs broke, and they pieced it back together, saying that it was important that they made it look homemade) Another amazing meal in a beautiful place! M&D liked Anton (of course/whew, haha) and we talked about school, Denmark, the refugee crisis, sports, etc.. IMG_8790.jpg

On our third day in Copenhagen together, mom and dad and I went shopping. We walked and shopped around Copenhagen’s main shopping street, and made our way up to Torvehallern (The Glass Market) for smørrebrød and fish and chips and beer and smoothies. We were happy and full and could have easily gone for a nap, but instead we went to the Rosenborg castle to see the crown jewels! It’s amazing how ornate even the handles of the swords used to be!

We went to Amsterdam on Wednesday and visited the Rijksmuseum and then had a delicious dinner at Restaurant Jansz. We went shopping, ate waffles with crystals of sugar hidden in the batter; we walked all around the canals and had a wonderful time 🙂

It was so fun to travel with M&D–totally different than traveling on my own or with friends or with Anton. I’ve really enjoyed all different types of travel that I’ve had this semester, though. More on that in a later post.

For now, I’m back in CPH, spending time saying goodbye to Anton and this wonderful city. See you soon, USA!



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  1. So great to see your parents in your Danish surroundings. Sounds like the time together was classic “Tate”….excellent dining, shopping, museums and loving each other up. Elinor can’t wait to see you in Kansas. She asked me if she would be able to have Mexican food in Lawrence. “Ha”, said I, “you will be able to have the first real Mexican food of your life when you are in Lawrence, Kansas.” I should tell you she is a wimp when it comes to spice….rather like her mum, only worse. XO, dearest Sophie. Have a safe trip home and hope your goodbye with Anton is sweet.

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