My birthday in Denmark!

I turned 21 on Tuesday!!! Because I’m the only American on my floor to have a birthday while we’re studying abroad, my friends went all out to celebrate! Also, here are some cool Danish birthday traditions:

  1. Midnight & drinking: On the first birthday that you can legally drink at clubs (which is 18 in Denmark), you’re supposed to start the night at home and drink 18 shots, then go to a club right at midnight. How crazy! The actual changing of the day, from not-your-birthday to midnight-aka-your-birthday is a big deal here. I asked a few Danish friends if they knew what time they were born (which I think is a big deal for us in the States) and they said they didn’t know.
    • But it was a Monday to a Tuesday, so we didn’t go out for my birthday at midnight (totally fine with me). Instead, everyone assembled in the common room to surprise me with chocolate cake at midnight! I’ve made some really great friends ❤
  2. Birthday flag: The Danish flag (which is the oldest flag in the world [because of a battlefield in Estonia and the sky and a sword]), is used for all sorts of occasions, including birthdays! So this morning when I got up, I had a Danish flag taped to my door 🙂
  3. BOYC: after some research on birthday traditions, I learned that I was supposed to be the supplier of the cake. I totally love this tradition–we sort of have it in elementary school/I still do it in college 🙂 So I picked up some flødeboller (directly translates to “cream buns” but can more accurately be explained as little stacks of marshmallow cream on top of marzipan + cookie, then covered in chocolate) for my flatmates.


I hope you’re all enjoying your Springs (Spring?)! It’s still pretty cold (~9º C / 48ºF), but the sun is out more and more and the city is really starting to prepare for warmer weather. I can’t wait to sit outside at cafes and swim in the canal and have ice cream by the lakes!! ❤





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  1. lewis says:

    I always think of you on your birthday because it’s about the only birthday I remember. I grew up bewaring the Ides of March, and you’ve thrown me off. Sounds a wonderful celebration!

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  2. Bunny Day says:

    Happy Birthday, Dear Sophie! Love seeing you here. Thanks for posting! I talked to your mom via email. She and your dad are getting geared up for Iceland and for seeing Denmark through your lovely eyes!

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