Core course week + Brussels! 

Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time! We’ve just had our core course week, then the week after that was super crazy because we had to do actual school work (!) again, and then my friend and I went to Brussels. ANYWAY:

Two weeks ago we had our”core course week,” where we focus solely on our core classes (mine is Global Econ). Our class went to cool meetings and presentations in Aarhus (or Århus–I learned that the two As = å, pron. “oh”) and Holstebro Monday-Wednesday.


  • Jelling stones on the way to Aarhus ***** So cool! History! Plus, it was sideways raining SO HARD and we were completely soaked through. We’d been instructed to wear dress clothes for the lecture later in the day, and some of the girls were in skirts and flats!
  • lecture at Aarhus University on the history of globalization *** (3/5 stars)
  • bouldering! **** (only because we only had 45 minutes!
  • presentation at Terma, a supplier of aerospace/security/etc stuff to DK and the rest of the world *** (cool, but the HR director spoke to us about HR, which was rather unnecessary)
  • ARoS museum ***** (SO COOL! We saw a traveling exhibit called “A New Dynasty – Created in China” that featured art by Chinese artists and was super cool. My favorite pieces were the 9 rooms (located in the basement, super creepy, inspiration = Hell/Dante’s inferno) and of course the Rainbow Panorama (heaven)!!


  • Bang & Olufsen ****** ALSO SO COOL!!
    • We went to a presentation by the “tonmeister,” who doesn’t have perfect pitch, but instead has “perfect frequency”–he can tell the difference, in Hertz, between G and G#. Crazy!!
    • We toured the aluminum factory (which was also pretty cool, but the coolest part was…
    • We went to the awesome show room and heard these $80,000 speakers!!! It was crazy; they were SO good!

Okay so then we got back from core course week and had a ton of work to do for other classes. It was definitely difficult to get back into the swing of school after having a nice break…


But my friend Jobelle came to visit me in CPH! We had a wonderful time (I loved exploring Copenhagen more, this time as a host and a tourist). As per our new tradition, we climbed to the summit of a tall thing and experienced some beautiful views right before the weather turned. Go us!


Then this last weekend, Ruben and I went to Brussels!

Brussels is so different than Copenhagen! It’s twice as big, definitely faster paced, and overall a little more NYC-y. But man, the architecture was F A N T A S T I C!! Oh, also, it’s TOTALLY apparent that Brussels is more culturally diverse then Copenhagen. The most common nationalities in Brussels are: French, Moroccan, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, and Portuguese.

On Saturday, Ruben and I

  • visited a free expo on the history/culture/demographics of Brussels
  • got the first (and best) waffle of the day
  • visited the Fine Arts museum and saw surrealist paintings by René Magritte
  • got cheap lunch and ate it as we walked around a beautiful square
  • went to the Victor Horta museum (Belgian Art Nouveau architect)
  • got fancy dinner (no pic of dinner bc we were starving)
  • got another waffle
  • went to Delirium pub with friends from DIS + more people we’d met earlier that day!

Ruben and I travel really well together–we had such a good time!




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  1. Brad Tate says:

    Got a Facebook poke from you said you were returning my poke which I never did do – also a return poke from someone else I never poked. Do you think Someone hacked into my Facebook account?

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. sophie says:

      Hi dad! It’s possible; I’ve heard hacking has been going around lately.


  2. Brad Tate says:

    Great photos looks like you are enjoying your semester. Cool and rainy today after a week of warm and sunny. It is suppose be back to w&s tomorrow. Love you. Dad

    Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Susan Tate says:

    I love you, and I love your writing and photos!


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Martha says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on all you are seeing and doing. I was in Brussels a few years back and very much enjoyed their speciality of mussels and chips (French fries). Did you have them? Keep the blogs coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sophie says:

      We did get chips, and they were delicious! It was fun to eat them out of a cone on the street and walk around. See you soon, hopefully! ❤


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