Learn some Danish! (+ I went to Switzerland)

I’m so glad I’m taking this Danish language course! Here are some Danish words and phrases I use regularly + some I’m learning in class. I made this lil’ video if you want to try to pronounce them (it’s seriously so hard/not intuitive at all)!

  • København (We’ll start out “easy”. Think you can probably say this correctly? **you probably can’t, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  • Peder Skrams Gade (this is the street I live on)
  • Jeg hedder Sophie. (My name is Sophie)
  • Hvornår has du fødselsdag? (When is your birthday?)
  • Jeg tager toget. (I take the train)

How’d you do? It’s a difficult language! I think it’s really challenging because I want to be able to read the signs and menus, but there are so many silent/”swallowed” sounds that I’m not sure if I’m saying them correctly. Like in English, there are a ton of rules to remember/break (in Danish, most of the time ø is more like ü (like in København) but in Nørreport, the ø sounds totally different). We’ve learned some basic grammar too: S V (A) O. I come from the USA is Jeg kommer fra USA. (+ the adverb “also” comes after the verb, so “I also come from the USA” is Jeg kommer også fra USA). Neat!

On Friday, I met my friend Jobelle in Switzerland! (what for real?! Crazy! Yes! It happened!) On Tuesday night, Jobelle and I were Skyping, and we’d been talking about meeting up.

“What are you doing this weekend?”
“Nothing, can you go somewhere?”
“Yep, can you?”
“Where do you want to go?”


And the next thing we knew, we were in Geneva, Switzerland together!

Jobelle “didn’t have” Friday classes, so she arrived in the afternoon and scoped out the best places to see on Saturday. I got in around 23.30 on Friday. It was so fun to have a sleepover and hang out (just like freshman year, when we were roommates)! We also Skyped our friend Jonathan (Jobelle’s boyfriend), and it was so good to talk to/see him too!

Saturday, we were up and downtown by 10.00. We first had delicious breakfast (canapés and macarons, of course). We shopped, walked around, and stumbled upon Saint Pierre Cathedrale. Luckily, the sun broke through the clouds just as we reached the top (zenith, pinnacle, etc.) of the church tower, and we had some AMAZING views of the city and lake and mountains.

Following the cathedral hike, we got ice cream (I got coconut+swiss chocolate and tiramisu, both delicious) and then lunch (Ha! Sushi from a huge grocery store, plus lots of free samples) and then more macarons. Then we went back to the hotel to clean up and take naps, and then went back into town for dinner. <–it sounds like all we did was eat, which is basically true 🙂

We wanted to have a traditional Swiss feast, so we set out for fondue. The menu was hilarious (we meant to take photos but we didn’t want to be rude/we forgot to take pics before they took the menus away) because it seemed like the restaurant had just GoogleTranslated their French menu. (We knew this because fifteen minutes prior to arriving at the restaurant, we had been sitting in the hotel room, Google Translating their menu!) We had such a good time! ❤





ps- here’s this song called “Uanset” by Danish songwriter Rasmus Seebach. The music video was shot in my neighborhood! (Hopefully you guys can see the link in the states, because it’s a pretty cool song/video.)



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  1. Bunny Day says:

    Well, I totally failed that Danish lesson. What a hard language, indeed! Your Switzerland weekend has inspired me to have fondu tonight. That song is so sweet and made me laugh. Your blog is becoming more and more sophisticated, Sophie. I just returned home from Colorado, so I just saw this today. No internet connection in the mountains for me. Carry on. I can’t believe it’s already February 15. Happy Valentine’s Day a day late, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

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