First day of school!!


First, let me just say:

I love Copenhagen so much! I’ve been walking around my neighborhood and exploring so much this week, and I am so excited to live here for the next four months. I live in possibly the best location–I live in the city’s center (zone 1, København K) and I walk up the pedestrian walking street (Strøget) fifteen minutes to class. On THE ACTUAL WAY TO SCHOOL I walk amidst the Danes, passing tiny cafes, high-end stores like LouisV and Hermes, and huge doors that hide narrow passageways.

Most everyone speaks English very well, and it’s quite easy to get around. The neighborhoods are absolutely not grids, which is awesome. It’s been really fun to walk around this week and find out how all the streets are connected–by alley, annex-y courtyards, or sometimes bridge!

Haha Lydia and I stumbled upon this beautiful square and we were like “let’s take pics” but we didn’t actually know what the building was, and when we went in, it turned out that we’d walked right into a corporate mixer for companies like Novo Nordisk and stuff. Oops!




  • SSTinCPH Class Award: Most Challenging 
  • excited for the study tour to Western Denmark as well! We’re going to Aarhus and Holstebro in February! Aarhus made the New York Times’s (Times’s?) 52 Places to Go in 2016! It looks beautiful!
  • Main point talked about in class today: US & DK are innovation driven economies; we’re similar, but the US looks inwards bc size of economy. We’re similar, but the US is smaller


SSTinCPH Class Award: Most Rewarding 

  • So I switched out of History of Copenhagen: Structure, Plan, and Design. While I was sad to drop the class, I really want to take Danish language and culture. While basically everyone speaks English (well, all Danes anyway–shoutout/sorry to the guy with the Lakers shorts I talked to at the gym, who I thought could have been from DIS, who must have not been from the US or Denmark because he said he couldn’t speak English or Danish well, haha, anyway), I didn’t realize how much I’d want to speak Danish.
  • When I got here, I realized how much I wanted to participate in the culture. I want to be able to say the street names, to get around, to order a coffee. So I’m in the class, and I like it a lot.
  • Danish is SO different from the languages I’ve studied. Kids in class today were trying to dentalize some of the sounds, like in Spanish, and I found myself trying to make the vowels like in Chinese.
  • It will definitely be challenging, but I like it a lot so far, and it’s such a nice break from learning Chinese–Danish basically uses our alphabet, plus a few vowels.


  • SSTinCPH Class Award: Most likely to Produce a Piece for the Spring Showcase
  • Will be fun to do more creative writing, especially while I’m in this foreign country!
  •  “Stories start with anecdotes–actually, stories start with gossip.”
  • Added my name to an email list today of people who want more info about the student web publication at the end of the semester. I’ll try to be on the staff maybe, or at possibly submit a piece to be considered for the final publication!


  • SSTinCPH Class Award: The Coolest Class so Far, I Think
  • Notes I took during the brief class today: “Southern state food deserts why how to fix sheesh,” “omg DK doesn’t produce chocolate so Noma = no chocolate?!?!?!?” “eat more fiber,” “seriously, plants are key eat more local plants”
  • Main point from class today: The problem we’ll look at in class is: how can we change our food systems to accommodate feeding 9 million people (who will live mostly in cities) by 2050 considering climate change challenges (rising costs of irrigation, water, droughts) and their effects on the food industry (rising costs of food, unavailability of fresh fruits and vegetables/nutrients).
  • Most excited for: FIELD STUDY to the Gastronomy Playground in the Food Science department at Copenhagen University!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



  • kgs to lbs, man.
  • house slippers = so cozy = hygge
  • handball (#we’reWinning)
  • Teslas are such a thing!
  • TINY sinks, haha
  • trust/honor system game strong! Checking in or out on the metro isn’t required, and people trust that you’ve bought a ticket if you want to travel out of your zone (but you’re fined if you don’t have the proper ticket). Also, so many unlocked bikes!
  • work life vs. home life = rush hour @ 09.00 and 16.00 (Going home at 5 is “late” 😮)
  • efficiency and sustainability are part of the culture

Today ended with an IKEA trip with our floor–I got another towel, some notebooks, and we all had hot dogs and ice cream 🙂

And now I’m going to do some reading for tomorrow’s first New Nordic Cuisine class! So excited to see what it’s like!



PS oh man guys I don’t know if this is cool yet because it hasn’t been approved yet because Snapchat doesn’t really do geofilters outside the States yet, BUT I made this cool (semi-cool, very simple) logo to go on our Geofilter for Snapchat for our street our house is on. Basically, you’d take a photo of yourself on Snapchat, and then if you’re in the neighborhood of our street, Peder Skrams Gade (and a little beyond, because hey, as the designer, I got to define the neighborhood!), and if you have WiFi, you can swipe over on Snapchat to add this Geofilter on top of your photo. I really hope Snapchat accepts it! I also went to the DIS Marketing office today to tell them about this project, and to tell them I could totally make one for the DIS campus, if this one gets accepted and works and is cool. Photoshop is amazing!!





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  1. Bunny Day says:

    Just found this post in my social folder. GMAIL has divided my mail into categories that I have not approved and don’t quite understand, but guess I’ll learn. Now that I know where your posts are, I’m delighted. What a rich variety of classes!

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  2. Lynn Chartier says:

    Hi Sophie! Love the details and photos in your blog. We’ll be following you closely!

    Much love-
    Aunt Lynn

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