I can’t believe I started this day in Lawrence, Kansas, and now I’m sitting at my desk on 23 Peder Skrams Gade in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Let’s break it down though. We’ll start with this morning (yesterday morning, actually, but yesterday’s morning of travel), and lay it out like an itinerary.

08.00 LAWRENCE KS – we went to the gym, then to the bank, then home.

10.30 LAWRENCE KS – Dad drove me to the airport, I almost got in a fight with several Delta employees regarding my Visa, I boarded the plane to Cincinnati.

13.45 IN THE AIR BETWEEN KC AND CINCINNATI – Thoughts included: KC airport is so easy, it’ll be summer the next time I return to that airport(!), I hope I make my connecting flight.

15.00 CINCINNATI AIRPORT – running. (I made the flight to Paris!)

15.30 IN THE AIR BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND PARIS – I watched The Martian and A Little Chaos, and they were both okay. Other things: The flight attendants say their announcements in both English and then French. How do deaf people get the announcements? Is there a special flight attendant for that? Or can deaf people just not travel on their own? Or do they say to the person sitting next to them, “please write down the announcements for me?” Note: look into this later.

06.00 PARIS AIRPORT – running, sprinting through different terminals, made the flight (with only two minutes until boarding)! On the flight, I sat next to a DIS girl named Nyja, and we talked about DIS and our home universities and winter break and classes.

09.15 ON THE PLANE, BELOW THE CLOUDS, LOOKING AT DENMARK FROM ABOVE – I looked out the window and thought we were seeing the clouds and morning sky, light and dark. Instead, it was the snowy islands and the sea! It was only 9:15, and the sun was just coming up, so the sky was pink and blue and yellow. It looked so majestic and magical and heavenly. Imagine if Wes Anderson were creating a magical scene of a Scandinavian country. That’s what it looked like. I tried to re-create it in Photoshop–here’s what I came up with. It looked like this, but better and more magical:


10.00 COPENHAGEN – arrived in Copenhagen! We waited for our bags, met tons of other students, and walked to the buses.

11.30 COPENHAGEN – arrive at Peder Skrams! Unpack, talk with other students.

12.30 COPENHAGEN – brief walking tour with our SRAs! Anton (6’4″) and Jesper (6’6″) showed us our neighborhood; they took us (literally right at the end of our street) to jump on the in-ground trampolines, we walked another two minutes to Nyhavn, and then we walked to get lunch. On our way there, we walked by the street where the royal family lives, past the Parliament building, and right past the French embassy, where there were French police carrying semi-automatic(?) machine guns. (Other than the French police, I haven’t noticed any other signs of trouble in Europe.)

12.30 COPENHAGEN – go out for lunch (delicious Danish take-away. I got “Dansk Sandwich 2,” which was dark rye bread with roast beef, horseradish sauce, some kind of mild soft cheese, greens, cornichons, and fried onions. It was a truly Danish first meal.) The others in the group got Bahn Mis, which I definitely will go back to try.


And now, I’ve just woken up from an accidentally long nap–well, it was only 1.5 hours, and I desperately needed it. Next we’re all having dinner together at 18.30, and then we’re going out to walk the city some more. Anton and Jesper will be showing us where DIS offices and classrooms are the main grocery store, and other notable places in our neighborhood.


I’m so incredibly excited to be here!! Now that I’ve arrived, met people, settled into my cute room, and familiarized myself with the neighborhood, I’m feeling right at home 🙂 We have orientation meetings Monday-Wednesday, and then classes start Thursday. Can’t wait to see who I have classes with!

All the kids I’ve met are so cool and smart, from schools like Brown, Wesleyan, Colgate, Hamilton, Denison. Everyone is so friendly, and it’s really easy to make friends. It’s like a second Skidmore with different people, halfway across the world! I’m already really enjoying it, and I can’t wait to see what classes and trips are like!




Update (because I didn’t want to make an entirely new blog post but wanted to update you guys)


I went for a walk around 8:00am yesterday (Sunday) morning and it was positively beautiful. I walked up and down side streets, and the sun was just coming up as I was on my way home (around 9:30).

When I got home, we made a traditional Danish breakfast of bread, fruit, jam, and cheese; after breakfast we all went on a scavenger hunt to familiarize ourselves with the city. It was a really great time! We found out that Danes are incredibly helpful and very willing and enthusiastic to give directions. Some of the harder challenges included ordering coffee in Danish and asking a Dane to borrow his bike. (PS-it’s 100% true that all (okay, most, but practically all) of the Danes are tall and beautiful. Every single one. It’s amazing! ) Anyway, after the scavenger hunt we made house rules together, and then got a reallllly late lunch.

Today is the first day of DIS planned activities–first up is an opening ceremony!


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