On Saturday, my cousin Alicen came to Lawrence to visit before I left for the semester. We watched YouTube videos, baked brownies, and played with these upside-down glasses I made.

While the brownies were in the oven, we got down to business. I showed her this blog, and we had the idea to make an “interview” post with questions she (and maybe you guys!) had about my choice to study with DIS. So, here’s what we talked about, in interview-transcript style.ūüėé


A: Why did you choose to study abroad in Denmark? How did you hear about the program? 

S: Studying abroad is a big deal at Skidmore–about 60% of us study abroad, and we can choose from over a hundred different programs all over the world. My program is through¬†DIS, and a lot of Econ majors at Skid have really enjoyed it. The reason I picked Denmark over London or China (the other two places I was considering) is because I like structure of the classes and the scheduling during the week. I have a friend who went to¬†London last year, and he said each class was a lecture, a lot of kids skipped, and the whole grade was the final. DIS is totally different! Classes are activity- and reading- based, and¬†discussions and excursions are equally important. On Wednesdays we don’t have regular¬†classes because each week we’ll go on an outing¬†with one of our electives classes. For example, the¬†Food Systems course goes to various restaurants and farms, and on some Wednesdays we have guest lecturers.

A: That sounds so¬†fun! I really enjoyed the hands-on approach¬†when I studied abroad¬†in India; it’s so¬†important to the learning experience. I think it’s great your program also emphasizes that. What do you hope to get out of your study abroad experience? Do you have any specific goals in mind?

S: Hm, well I think some basic goals are “have fun” and “make new friends.” I want to try as many new things (and especially foods) as possible too. Oh and get good grades, haha.

A: Nice! I’m sure you’ll have a¬†rockin’ time. Grades are important though–how will the transfer credit work?¬†

S: They’re pretty good about it! As long as I pass with a C or higher, I’ll get credit for the equivalent course at Skidmore. The grades I get in Denmark also won’t count towards my GPA, but they’ll be listed on my transcript.

A: Oh right on! And which class are you most looking forward to? 

S: Gosh, I’m so interested in all of them! I think my core course, Globalization of European Economies and my economics elective, Behavioral Economics, will be the hardest. But I’m so excited to finally study behavioral Econ! It’s such a new field (Skidmore only¬†just got its first behavioral Econ professor last¬†Fall semester), and as far as I understand it, it combines the coolest stuff–I think¬†it’s explaining social phenomena from an economic standpoint. It’s like the stuff Freakonomics is about. So yeah I’m excited for Behavioral Econ for sure. And I’ll get to go to Russia with my core course, so that’ll be great too! And I’m also really stoked for my Creative Writing course–after taking writing lessons with Phyllis Copt (shoutout to Phyllis! <3), and this screenwriting class I took at Skidmore, I’ve really enjoyed writing a lot more.

A: Wow, those all sound so awesome. You’re totally taking¬†all the stuff you’re interested in! Are you anxious at all? Nervous about anything in particular?

S: At first I was nervous because of the current situation in Europe, but I talked to my mom about it, and she reassured me. This is my junior year, my time to go abroad, and the political climate in Europe will only make the experience more interesting. A friend of a friend I met this summer at the Xiamen girls’ reunion just came back from her semester abroad at DIS, and she said she felt very safe the whole time, and she even travelled to Istanbul.

A: True–you should totally go (you are), and you’ll have a wonderful time!¬†

Aaaand I think that’s basically all we talked about! Was this interview style a cool format to read? I hope so; I had fun writing it!




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  1. Lotus Star says:

    I loved this format. I am so excited for you and so jealous that I did not embrace an opportunity like this when I was in college. I appreciate your candid comments about the process. You are going to have a great time !!! ‚̧ԳŹūüĆĽ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bunny Day says:

    Love the interview format. I like how it made you think and clarify stuff ( WORD) and acknowledge your anxiety about the European political climate. You’ll be fine. Your school will take special care with your safety. And I like your attitude of embracing this experience and determination to immerse yourself in it. Thanks for the shout out! Keep writing and send that internal editor to the corner when you free write.

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