Hey fam! Lots to catch up on–


SSTinCPH Award: Most likely to inspire possible career paths!

Our teacher is originally Canadian; he studied Humanities (and maybe English?) at Yale, and then he got into sustainable farming and teaching. And now he’s lived in Denmark for three years, and he works at the Nordic Food Lab (which is a non-profit started by the founder/chef of Noma!)

First day of school!!

First, let me just say:

I love Copenhagen so much! I’ve been walking around my neighborhood and exploring so much this week, and I am so excited to live here for the next four months. I live in possibly the best location–I live in the city’s center (zone 1, København K) and I walk up the pedestrian walking street (Strøget) fifteen minutes to class. On THE ACTUAL WAY TO SCHOOL I walk amidst the Danes, passing tiny cafes, high-end stores like LouisV and Hermes, and huge doors that hide narrow passageways.


I can’t believe I started this day in Lawrence, Kansas, and now I’m sitting at my desk on 23 Peder Skrams Gade in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Let’s break it down though. We’ll start with this morning (yesterday morning, actually, but yesterday’s morning of travel), and lay it out like an itinerary.

Two sleeps ’til DK!

The countdown to CPH continues–today we’ll look at what defines Scandinavian and Nordic countries + their new culinary culture.


On Saturday, my cousin Alicen came to Lawrence to visit before I left for the semester. We watched YouTube videos, baked brownies, and played with these upside-down glasses I made.

Countdown continues: less than a week!

The countdown continues–6 days until I go to Copenhagen! I made a little quiz to test your knowledge about Denmark–maybe you’ll learn something new today! (:

HOUSING ASSIGNMENT! (and 9 days left)

I’ll be staying in a residential community! (It’s a student dorm of all DIS US kids studying abroad). While this option was actually my last choice, after reading the info on it and Google street view viewing my neighborhood, I feel quite quite quite pleased and excited! Here’s a blurb from the packet about my dorm:…